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Welcome to Caras Nursery and Landscape

Caras Nursery and Landscape has been in business on 3rd St. since 1896. Our company philosophy is to deliver exceptional service and products for an all around great experience for our customers.

We will be closed on Labor Day!

Our Products

Caras offers a variety of Garden and Garden Lifestyle products for the novice to the most experienced Gardener.  Take your time.  Look around.  We are certain you will find something you need and most certainly something you want!

Use the CARAS BUCKS you have collected on SATURDAY, Septmber 6th & SUNDAY, September 7th to receive up to 50% OFF your total purchase cost!!!  Use your CARAS BUCKS on ANYTHING through out our nursery, greenhouse, and store.  Caras Bucks can be used on any and all sale items as well.
(Bucks may not be redeemed on any service based product such as landscaping or delivery fees)


You can spend your CARAS BUCKS on the first full weekend in every month from July through October and the weekend right before Christmas… so if your schedule doesn’t allow you to join us the next weekend, hopefully we will see you in the future for LOTS OF SAVINGS!!! 

Water! Water! Water!

Once your garden has been planted, nothing is more important to its ability to thrive than water. When provided too little water, plants are unable to develop properly and become more susceptible to damage from pests. Too much water can of course be equally bad. In soil that is kept too moist plants become prone to rot and other diseases.

In most cases, the gardener needs to supplement natural rain water. The questions of how much and how often are a matter of judgement. The best way to tell when a garden needs watering is to look at it. If the soil is dry to a depth of a half an inch or so, it’s time to water. How often you need to water varies greatly with the temperature. With high temperatures in the mid-70s (24 C), watering once a week will probably be more than adequate. But when temperatures hit the mid-90s (35 C), you may need to water as often as every other day. Other factors influencing the frequency of watering are the nature of the soil, the amount of sunlight, how well the garden is mulched and whether the plants are in flower (during flowering plants generally require more water). But always keep in mind, you can most definitely water too much.

When watering you want to make sure the soil is well moistened. This can be time consuming, but it is better to water thoroughly once a week than to give your garden a brief shower every day. Never use a spray nozzle on a hose, it delivers either too strong a flow or an inefficient mist. The best way of controlling water flow is to use your thumb. Always try to water the base of the plants, but in times of meager rainfall you can give the foliage an occasional spray as well. The best time to water is in the morning, but the warnings against mid-day watering are over done. Late evening is probably the worst time to water, as it leaves the foliage damp at night when molds and fungi are most active. But never let a bone-dry garden go without watering simply because you can’t do it at the optimum time of day.

 Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Sunday 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Closed on Labor Day



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