Outdoor Nursery Yard

A Real Treat

A Real Treat

Buy a plum in cherry condition, find a matching pear, see burning bushes next to smoke trees, pet the dogwood, spy on the spirea, say Hi to Drangea, be rosy amongst the crabs. Stumble upon lavender in mint condition.

Find Your Favorite Trees at Caras

Caras Nursery of Missoula offers a huge selection of quality trees. Our experts will help you find the perfect tree for your property, show you how to get it planted and teach you how to care for your trees. Trees are hundred-year plants and with proper care they'll be here for generations to enjoy.

Wondering what kinds of trees we have? We're glad you asked! We have...

  • Cherry trees
  • Apple trees
  • Peach trees
  • Plum trees
  • Apricot trees
  • Pear trees
  • Ornamental flowering trees
  • Ash trees
  • Evergreens (pine, spruce, yews and more!)
  • Birch trees
  • Aspen trees
  • Maple trees
  • ... and more!