Bulk Landscaping Products

We sell our bulk soils, compost and mulch by the ½ cubic yard (which is one large bobcat scoop). ½ Cubic yard covers 50 square feet and 3 inches in depth. Therefore, a full yard will cover 100 square feet and 3 inches in depth.

Build flower beds, grow fruits and veggies, plant lawns, or mulch your garden with any of our bulk product. Pick it up in your own truck or we can deliver anywhere in the Missoula Valley for $25.00! Call Caras Nursery and Landscape at (406).543.3333 to set up your bulk delivery or come on in and talk to our helpful staff!

Screened Soil - $16.99 per ½ cu yrd

  • Soil that has been screened for large debris
  • It’s great for building up garden beds (fill dirt)
  • Mix with compost to use as growing soil in the garden

Compost - $29.99 per ½ cu yrd

  • A mink manure and plant material compost
  • Contains no bio-solids

Soil Pep - $19.99 per ½ cu yrd

  • A mix of small pieces of bark and compost
  • Great when used as a topdressing: it looks beautiful and adds nutrients to the soil

Montana Fines - $16.99 per ½ cu yrd

  • A very fine fir mulch
  • Used as a topdressing

Special Top Dress - $15.99 per ½ cu yrd

  • Shredded fir bark mulch
  • Used as a topdressing

Medium bark nuggets - $29.99 per ½ cu yrd

  • Medium sized fir bark nuggets
  • Used as a topdressing