Bill's Corner


Here's The Rub: Protect Your Trees

Deer are active and browsing in Missoula gardens every day of the year but fall is the time when they cause the greatest damage to trees. It’s not browsing but antler rubs on tree trunks which severely injure of even kill trees. The living part...

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Marital Bliss

A group of twenty or so sits attentively, waiting for me to begin my seminar on pruning. There must be a lot of interest since pruning seminars are always well attended as opposed to other topics like yard clean up or drip irrigation. I like to poll...

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Those Damn Deer

Raindrops gently tap the luxurious leaves of the maple canopy. Below, a shell pink blossom glistens, moisture hanging precipitously from its velvety surface. Nearby, finches chatter; oblivious to the rain. The cloudy sky is breaking up. Patches of...

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The Perfect Tree

The couple had done their research. They wanted a tree and had come up with a list of characteristics and asked me to determine what variety would meet their criteria. They wanted it to get tall but not too tall. Fast growth was a must, but they...

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