2020 Seminar schedule

March 7th -

Seeds, sprouts and bulbs @ 1 pm

come learn how to extend your growing season by getting started indoors.

March 14th -

Pruning with Bill Caras @11 am

spring is the time to prune many of your shrubs and trees. Learn the when's and how's from our expert.

Herb gardening @1 pm, get started growing your herbs for the season.

March 21st -

Local soil issues and how to address them @11 am

using composting and amendments to improve your soil.

Houseplant repotting demonstration @1 pm, spring is a great time to repot houseplants. Watch as we demonstrate how to determine if your plant needs to be upsized or just refreshed.

March 28th -

Pest control and identification with Sandy Perrin from the County Extension Service @ 1 pm

Sandy can answer your questions you have about what might be chewing on your plants this season and the best way to handle them by using the least toxic methods. Let beneficial insects do a lot of the work for you.

April 4th -

Spring bloomers @ 11 am

learn what to plant in your yard if you want spring blooming perennials, shrubs and trees.

All things Roses @1 pm, learn the what's, when's and how to's of roses.

April 11th -

Pruning with Bill Caras @10 am

this is a repeat of our basic pruning class.

All things fruit @11 am, growing fruiting plants from strawberries to paw paws.

April 18th -

Perennials for birds, bees and water wise gardens@ 11 am

what to plant to attract back yard friends. For those who are trying for a more water wise garden, we will go through the plants that do well with less irrigation.

Container Gardening @ 1 pm-Utilize your limited space and still enjoy gardening.

April 25th -

Native plants @11 am by Dorothea Kast

Dorothea is a professional gardener with an intense love for native plants. She has been working for the past 7 years to incorporate Monta